Fresh Flower Cake Decoration

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Fresh Flower Cake Decoration

If a celebration requires a cake, then in my opinion, it needs decoration too. Using fresh flowers to decorate a cake is one of my favourite ways of decorating a cake. It’s easy to combine your wedding theme with a bridal bouquet to create a unique masterpiece. By adding flowers, greenery and dried petals you can create a range of looks.

When it comes to flowers, many people start with professional or local florists. But if you want to do it alone, you need to know what flowers and floral design ideas that can be used to decorate a cake, how fresh flowers are safe to use and what the terms are for food safety. Here are some flowers that can safely be used to decorate a cake.

Is it safe to decorate cakes with flowers?
When working with floral products or fresh food for cakes, remember that many fresh flowers are not edible and some may be toxic. It should also be remembered that some commercially grown flowers have been treated with chemicals such as pesticides.

But don’t let that stop you from creating your dream cake, as there are many safe alternatives. When selecting flowers that are grown for human consumption, pay attention to certified local producers in your region. Growers who specialize in edible and organic flowers are also a better choice.

List Of Flowers For Cake Decorating:
Edible flowers include roses, marigolds, nasturtium, hibiscus, violets, sunflowers and herbs such as rosemary, thyme and chamomile. Non-edible flowers to decorate the flowers of the day are hibiscus, peony, chamamiles, freesias, gerberas, lavender, violets, rose, marigold, cornflower, carnation, Queen Anne’s lace, primrose, sunflower, chrysanthemum, holly, sweet pea, daffodil, azalea, calla and hyacinth, to name a few, while some flowers, such as hydrangeas and babies, are poisonous to their beauty.

Remember that not every part of a flower is edible, so when using fresh flowers make sure they contain pesticides. Care should also be taken to ensure that certain people are allergic to flowers in their food.

If you are unsure, artificial flowers can also be used to achieve the same effect. Ask your florist in advance for special orders. Cakes with fresh flowers can be prepared in different ways.

Fresh Flower Cake Decorating Techniques:
To make a small bouquet, wrap the stems in parafilm, stretch them, unlock them with duct tape and cover the tape with aluminum foil. This technique is designed to create a food-safe barrier between the flowers and the cake. Wrap the stems again, but this time add a scoop of fondant to the end of the stem to avoid contamination and moisture retention.

After dipping the stems in the food-safe wax, place them in the cake. Fill the water bottle with the stems and add to the cake.

Glue the stems together and fill with straw. Put the straws into the cake and cut to the correct length.

It depends on the desired appearance, the type of cake and the size of the flowers. Each of these solutions has advantages and disadvantages.

Use a weed killer to get rid of any overgrowth. Cut the stem back to about 5cm. Clean the fresh flowers to remove dirt and insects that may be left behind. Prepare the flowers for dessert.

The pistils, stamens and calyx of larger flowers such as daisies should be omitted, as should roses and hibiscus. Decorate the cake with flowers as close as possible to the event to make the flowers look just right. Arrange the flowers on your bench where you feel most comfortable for the final look and start incorporating them into the cake. When you have finished decorating, leave the flowers in the water for one last drink.

Fill in the gaps with small and large flowers to complete the look. Be careful when placing fresh flowers on the cake in the fridge. Flowers on cakes should be removed from the fridge as soon as they sweat. Fresh flowers on cakes can last up to a day without refrigeration.

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