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January 6, 2020
A Beautiful Smiling Woman Standing With A Flower Bouquet In A Florist Shop Which Representing Floral Design Industry.

Dynamic Floral Design Industry And The Impact Of GST

Recently the economic scene of India has changed drastically with the introduction of GST(Goods and Services Tax). The introduction of the GST has been fatal to many small scale industries. Some products and services have been given exemption under GST. The floral industry also comes under this category. The Far-Reaching Floral Design Industry “Splendid is the flower”-Lord Tennyson. Flowers are a big part of everybody’s life. From a string of flowers to a floral arrangement, the floral industry is a vast one. It involves a lot of workforce and many other businesses like the ornamental paper manufacturers, artificial flowers and decoratives manufacturers, textiles, aroma products, etc. The key element in this field is to have extensive knowledge about flowers, plants, soil, nutrition, and temperature control. The floral design industry not only means arranging flowers and selling them to customers. One should possess a solid understanding of the business and economics starting right from procuring the raw materials, managing cost, planning profit, marketing to managing customers. Along with the creative side, a person should also know how to run a business successfully. Key Components Of Floral Business And The Impact Of GST The floral business is very volatile as the raw […]
January 2, 2019
A Christian bride with her father walking into the church for her wedding and guests looking at her.

Planning A Wedding!

January 2, 2019
A wedding hall with hundreds of red coloured chairs arranged for guest seating, ceiling lights and decor beautify the hall.

What are the things you should consider when selecting the right wedding venue?

When you are organizing the wedding event, you have to take various important decisions. It is important to select the right venue as it plays an important part in the entire wedding organization. You have to consider various important things like location, date, catering options and much more. At the start, the entire process looks challenging. You would not how to start, whom to approach or when to finalize. But, when you finalize things one by one, you would get a clear idea about organizing the wedding party. Most preferred wedding venue is Chennai Convention Centre, especially for wedding and reception party. It has a lot of facilities that make the people select in the first look. Here is a guide that would simplify the entire wedding organizing task. When you should search for the venue? It is better to start the process as early as possible. When you are aware and have a clear idea about three important things like space requirements, estimated event size and budget, you can easily choose the right venue. It is recommended to book six months to one year in advance. This way, you will have sufficient time and do not have to worry […]
January 2, 2019
Gifts in boxes wrapped in red coloured and silver coloured wrappers and golden coloured bow tiep up over them.

How to choose a gift for any occasion?

Be it your family member or friend’s birthday, housewarming party, a wedding occasion or any gift giving occasion, it is important to choose the right gift item. It may look like a challenging task if you are not aware of the gift’s likes and dislikes. simplifies the gift-selecting task by sharing the following suggestions. Fix a budget: When you have fixed a budget, you would get an idea about the gift items available in that budget. Some people would not have any budget and keep searching. They would finally choose a gift that is expensive. If you are purchasing online, most websites has the budget in the filter section. You can easily set the budget and search for items. It is the best option to find and purchase gifts that you can afford. Consider the occasion: It is another important thing you should consider when purchasing a gift. If you are buying for your friend’s birthday party or housewarming party, you would know what kind of occasion it is. When you are buying a gift that is not suitable for the occasion, it would not work out well. You may even think to open in the crowds because of […]