Floral Contest

June 20, 2017

International Flower Shows: A Sea Of Exotic Flower Arrangements!

Being part of the dynamic floral industry means keeping in touch with the latest trends in our most important raw material–flowers! We, at Estelle Preston, are known for our award-winning floral arrangements for events and bridal makeup, and part of that recognition is due to the immense amount of research we undertake each year, at venues much farther away from home! We absolutely relish the idea of participating in International flower shows! It’s more than mere curiosity that leads us to these events each year. Part of the bridal trends of a season rest on the smaller yet no less significant details such as the flowers the bride has in her hair or bouquet. By knowing what is new and what is in demand, the latest bridal trends can be easily forecast with greater accuracy, In a recent exhibition that was organised in the southern part of India, we saw the rise of more and more exotic flowers brought in by internationally acclaimed companies and brands, leading to the conclusion that we may see a further swell in the number of brides that use more non-native, tropical sprigs of flowers to decorate themselves and their venue. This latest conference not […]