International Flower Shows: A Sea Of Exotic Flower Arrangements!

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June 18, 2017
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July 10, 2017

International Flower Shows: A Sea Of Exotic Flower Arrangements!

Article by Estelle Preston on International Contest For Florist
Being part of the dynamic floral industry means keeping in touch with the latest trends in our most important raw material–flowers! We, at Estelle Preston, are known for our award-winning floral arrangements for events and bridal makeup, and part of that recognition is due to the immense amount of research we undertake each year, at venues much farther away from home! We absolutely relish the idea of participating in International flower shows! It’s more than mere curiosity that leads us to these events each year. Part of the bridal trends of a season rest on the smaller yet no less significant details such as the flowers the bride has in her hair or bouquet. By knowing what is new and what is in demand, the latest bridal trends can be easily forecast with greater accuracy,

In a recent exhibition that was organised in the southern part of India, we saw the rise of more and more exotic flowers brought in by internationally acclaimed companies and brands, leading to the conclusion that we may see a further swell in the number of brides that use more non-native, tropical sprigs of flowers to decorate themselves and their venue. This latest conference not only provided the visitors with a wide variety of blooms from far and wide, but also educated aspiring floriculturists on the many processes that need to be undertaken in order to reap the benefits of a great harvest.

An Event Vital For Wedding Planners and Organisers

This was an event that highlighted the work of Green Thumbs from across the world! The exhibition showcased the efforts of quite a few brilliantly creative minds, from India and beyond. From the greenhouses of Bangalore to the gardens of Shimla, India’s collection of wild flowers, new hybrids and cut flowers blew the audience away with its never-ending wave upon wave of different colours and shapes. There were a couple of international offerings too. Places like Holland and Indonesia, where flowers have become a way of life showcased their most beautiful blooms in the shape of topiaries and stunning towers and walls to the awestruck crowds. There was also an entire section dedicated to succulents and xeriscaping, to show new techniques to improve on this latest gardening trend.

The stars of the exhibit were the infinitely intricate display of flowers that came in nearly every size, colour and shape under the sun. India itself has a massive flower industry because of the link between flowers and deities. To commemorate this auspicious bond, marvellous “paintings” and sculptures were made entirely from interwoven flowers. Scenic landscapes that one could walk though, and topiaries carved into the form of animals and celebrities dotted the exhibit to give guests the ultimate maze made out of lush greenery.

How Did We Manage?
Well, we proved our floral-prowess, yet once again! Our stall at the venue was a definite crowd-puller, successfully proving to the world(and, our competitors) that flowers do not just look good on tables. We added a few of our trademarked intricate twists, by showcasing elaborate floral headgears, a plethora of boutonnieres and creatively arranged bouquets, as well as the more traditional table arrangements and floral arches. Not only does this bring something new to the table but also shows industry experts and the crowds alike, what to expect from highly-reputed florists like ourselves.

The Grand Finale – A Testimony Of The Skill Of Great Event Organizers

Flower Show Organised By Best Event OrganiserBy far, this was one of the most interesting flower shows we have ever attended. Just imagine the wide array of activities being conducted under the cover of one event! After a pleasant long walk through the greenhouse section, guests were given the chance to buy samples, in the form of seedlings, etc., from several stalls to add to their own garden collections at home. Stall helpers were kept busy loading the most stunning range of shrubs, small trees and flowering plants into visitors’ vehicles time and time again. Another part of the exhibit was dedicated purely for cooking herbs and edible plants, leading to incredibly delicious smells wafting through the air!

Guests were provided with refreshments throughout the day and come evening, it was time to bid a fond farewell to our new well-wishers and customers. All good things must come to an end and as such, a grand finale was organised by event organizer Kiyoh, Chennai, to end the day’s activities with more than just a little bang. We believe that it was the perfect ending to the day; poised yet still having an element of surprise that the crowds always love. This Chennai flower exhibit was more than a mere colorful flower show; it had informative sessions, experts and workshops, to feed your need to garden and hence, will forever remain unforgettable.

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