From Bouquets To Garlands: An Endless List Of The Events!

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May 3, 2017
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June 20, 2017

From Bouquets To Garlands: An Endless List Of The Events!


Flowers are often thought of as special guests, who are welcomed everywhere. Whatever the event is, floral decorations add to its charm. Beautifully arranged flowers are sure to receive admiration. The magic of flowers lies in the fact that they are available in different colours to suit the mood of any occasion.

If you need a bright and vibrant setting, there are deep red, purple, magenta shades, etc. If the occasion demands subtle arrangement, then there are light colours such as white, off-white and light pink. Whatever the requirement is, you would not have to omit flowers from your list thinking that they do not suit your setting. You just have to pick the right ones for the right occasion, and that’s where the skill is required.

The following are the some of the places where we have used our creativity to do wonders. Have a look!

Weddings are our highlight servicing areas. We undertake all the floral requirements in a wedding. Breathtakingly beautiful floral arrangements are our speciality. Different types of flowers are used to bring a unique look to the venue. Going for seasonal flowers is a wise idea to save your wallet. Seasonal flowers come at a very lesser price compared to non-seasonal ones. This does not mean that only seasonal flowers are available in our collection; even if offseason, we can provide you with your favourite flowers if you are very particular about them.

wedding bouquet

Moving to a new house is a wonderful occasion in everybody’s life. Flowers are the best way to make the occasion even more special. You can add beauty to your home by floral arches, flower curtains, flower centrepieces, hanging flowers, etc. The freshness and fragrance they bring to your house is unmatchable and cannot be obtained with any other decorative item. We have floral ideas matching with traditional house designs as well as contemporary ones.

Corporate Events
Corporate events do not require grand arrangements like that of weddings. Subtle, elegant and classy floral decoration is required here. If it is a technical event, single flowered vases, simple floral designs and patterns are the ones which go well. If the event is something like an annual day celebration or an award function, then elaborate floral decorations involving vibrant colours and patterns can be used. We have laid our hands on both the types of occasions and are well aware of what look good where.

Unique Events
A recent yoga meet arranged by Yoga King was a fresh experience for us. The ambience required was a peaceful and distraction-free one. We did a lot of homework and chose the right blossoms to get the task done. Jasmines, lilies and light coloured roses where the mostly used flowers. The patterns and arrangements we made were perfectly matching with the theme of yoga.

According to to a recent article in, flowers are the best way to spread positive energy in a wedding. We are taking it a few steps ahead and rendering our services in other celebrations and events as well. We are looking forward to taking our creativity to further high levels with your support!

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