Blooming Away! How the Floral Industry is Leveraging Usage-Based Billing

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Advantages Of Same Day Flower Courier Delivery
March 5, 2022

Blooming Away! How the Floral Industry is Leveraging Usage-Based Billing

The flower industry is in full bloom! From weddings, birthdays, proposals, and engagements to funerals and everything in between, flowers have made themselves omnipresent.

But who has the time to step onto the streets and visit multiple stores to select the right bouquet for the occasion? To make flower shopping more accessible, these businesses have integrated technology, expanding from physical stores to online floral deliveries. Say hello to floral delivery apps and flower delivery usage-based billing software.

Who thought that these advanced technologies would one day power the floral industry? How are these businesses utilizing usage-based pricing (UBP)? Let’s gain more insights into these details.

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Flower Power Goes Hi-Tech With Usage-Based Billing Software

The flower industry is currently a billion-dollar powerhouse, and we live in digital times when there’s an app for literally everything. Therefore, it is equitable to leverage technological advancements to power the billion-dollar industry, which can unlock vast opportunities such as customer acquisition, retention, and branding.

In recent years, online floral delivery has gained immense popularity. Studies reveal that men are ready to spend more on flowers than women.

Focusing on this growing trend, flower delivery apps online have made it a piece of cake for customers to select their favorite flowers and get them delivered right to the doorstep of their loved ones. These apps also offer personalized notes and complementary gifts to make the experience even more special.

How Do Flower Delivery Apps Work?

Flower delivery apps are online platforms that offer customers a wide variety of flowers. Customers can personalize their selections, make a payment, and have the flowers delivered to a destination of their choice. It’s that simple.

The introduction of floral delivery apps has been a game-changer for both buyers and sellers. Customers can now conveniently choose their desired flowers, make payments, and have them delivered without leaving their comfort zone. Additionally, they can pre-plan the delivery date to ensure timely delivery.

From the seller’s perspective, their online presence helps them reach a wider audience and implement innovative approaches to boost their business.

Flower delivery apps are of two types:

  • Dedicated app which allows customers to place orders by making a payment. These platforms allow the business to collect a commission for its services.
  • Aggregator app, which allows customers to pick a florist of their choice from a comprehensive list of floral service providers. The florists receive a special commission when customers use their services.

Pricing & Payment: Floral Delivery Made Easy & Affordable

Floral delivery apps are unparalleled when it comes to functionalities and capabilities. They offer customization, scheduled delivery, real-time tracking, discounts, loyalty programs, and more.

Most apps operate on SaaS-based pricing software and offer multiple offline and online payment options for users to choose from. Customers can enjoy benefits like technical and security upgrades by paying a minimal monthly fee.

Some apps have adopted the more convenient approach of usage-based pricing, where customers pay only for the flowers they want for a particular event or occasion rather than paying a monthly fee and not using the service.

This approach is more feasible for customers looking to use the floral service at affordable prices. The transparency in usage-based pricing empowers them to pay only for what they want and when they want it.

As SaaS-based billing gains a foothold in the floral industry, Togai,  the leading monetization platform and usage billing software, explains how florists are making the most of SaaS-based flower delivery apps.

SaaS-Based, Feature-Rich Apps: For Budding to Blooming Floral Businesses

Robust SaaS-based software has bestowed florists with everything required to run an online business, with separate apps for customers, delivery drivers, and a web panel.

Customer apps are packed with user-friendly features for customers to order and pay for flower deliveries as per their usage. The features include:

  • Login for customers to sign up and start typing online.
  • Add to cart for customers to add and proceed to payments.
  • Payment gateways allow users to pay only for what they have collected and the delivery as per the designated location.
  • Real-time tracking to track orders.
  • Reviewing and rating to review the quality of the produce and service.

The web panel or admin panel allows owners to:

  • Handle customer and promotion management
  • Track delivery in real-time
  • Use in-depth analytical reports to further the business
  • Handle vendor management and payment
  • Understand customer preferences based on usage metrics
  • Segrate audience based on location, sales, and preferences
  • Offer discounts and promos to existing customers
  • Identify and reach out to dormant customers
  • Inform customers of new pricing plans and offers

Customers have a plethora of advantages, too. They can:

  • Choose recurring payments for regular flower deliveries.
  • Customize their orders according to the budget, floral options, and bouquet size.
  • Opt for pre-set reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, and other events.
  • Personalize their orders with heartfelt messages.
  • Shop in their native language by choosing the multi-language option.

Bloom & Grow With Usage-Based Billing Software

In a nutshell, the benefits of usage-based software are endless. Florists worldwide use this technology to increase customer retention, loyalty, and sales.

Make the most of this technology to ensure prompt deliveries, higher sales, faster ROI, and a bigger floral business.

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