The Complete Guide To Call Masking Services

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The Complete Guide To Call Masking Services

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What Is Call Masking & How Does It Work?

Call masking is a service that uses temporary and discrete numbers for every interaction with the system. It is an excellent tool for ensuring privacy and security. Number masking or Virtual Phone Number service and create a secure environment for your customers. It is an excellent solution for safety concerns, allowing businesses to provide excellent customer service while adhering to the most up-to-date security standards. Call Masking is used in all lines of e-commerce to protect sensitive customer data. It is also used to record conversations between employees and customers. Phone number masking is a way to protect both parties’ contact information and cultivate brand loyalty.

Phone number masking is used to route a call to the intended recipient. The recipient does not see the sender’s phone number but another masked number. It can be implemented in an automated call-back ad that connects the two parties in less than 20 seconds.

Let’s take a real-world situation to explain how this service works:

Mr X would like to hail a cab but cannot access the company’s app due to connectivity issues. Calling a number promoted by the taxi company, he contacts a driver and informs him about the pick-up location.

The cloud telephony service picks up the request for the cab and routes it to the company’s platform. When the API coincides with the number masking solution, the platform forwards the call to the driver after changing the caller ID. Eventually, the driver receives a call with an anonymous caller ID and talks to Mr.X.

Number masking provides privacy and anonymity and offers many more benefits for the company and their customers.

Benefits Of Call Masking

  • Protection from spoofing

Caller ID spoofing is a major source of data breaches and is used for various reasons, including pranks, scams and frauds. According to Verizon, a company in the United States received approximately 300 scam calls within an hour in 2018.

Call masking is used to protect you and your customers from spoofing attempts. It allows both parties to communicate seamlessly for a specified period. It ensures that both parties involved remain anonymous and protect the business information.

  • Privacy & security

Call masking can protect your business and your customers by preventing them from sharing their mobile phone numbers online. By masking calls with random virtual numbers, you can protect your customers’ privacy and your company’s interests. Number masking allows you to continue to use the same phone number while not disclosing any personal information about yourself. It also protects customer data by preventing unauthorised access to phone numbers. Phone number masking solutions also help prevent customer harassment and help to prevent unfavourable events from occurring.

  • Customer Experience

Companies are experimenting with different campaigns and functionalities to improve the customer experience, including phone number masking. Number masking allows for complete incoming call tracking, which allows for better customer service. Number masking services are a highly effective customer retention solution to protect sensitive customer data.

  • Call Analytics

Using cloud telephony providers’ call recording and call tracking systems, it is possible to monitor and report each call initiated to customers. In this way, businesses can clearly understand an agent’s abilities and actions in real-time. Real-time call reports allow you to gain valuable customer insights, identify pain points, and identify areas for improvement.

In addition, the masking solution enables complete tracking of incoming calls and confirms whether agents have contacted customers. In addition, they can be aware of customer feedback and improve their service by letting customers share their experiences.

Call masking can also:

  • Improve the effectiveness of interactions between users and customers.
  • Ensure that your company respects your customers’ privacy.
  • Protect both employees and the general public.
  • Improve your brand image and attract new customers
  • Demonstrating your professionalism
  • Prevent security breaches by the driver and rider.

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How Companies Optimise The Use Of Call Masking

Call masking is highly prevalent in businesses that need to connect with their customers over the phone daily.

Some of the business sectors that thrive on-call masing for their daily business activities are:

  • Car and bike aggregators

Call car, and bike rental companies use masking applications to communicate with drivers. Cab booking service providers use number masking to protect the privacy of their customers.

Disposable numbers are used by taxi services and e-commerce businesses to generate the vibe of anonymous communication. Disposable telephone numbers provide comfort and assurance to customers, ensuring that their information is protected. The number masking solution will help increase security before, during, and after the ride.

  • Food delivery businesses

Number masking is the best solution for businesses that share customer information with third parties. For example, Swiggy and Zomatouse number masking connect their delivery agents to their customers. Number masking allows customers and agents to communicate without disclosing their phone numbers.

  • Courier services

Number masking is also preferred by all leading courier and eCommerce services. The service masks the identities of the delivery person and the client. However, the client can contact the agent using the masked number if there is a delay in the delivery or some other similar issue.

  • Ecommerce transaction

Masking is used by eCommerce businesses to protect customer and business phone numbers and the customer’s legal identity. Number masking facilitates communication between buyers, sellers, delivery personnel, drivers, and customers without disclosing their telephone numbers. When a company uses phone number masking solutions, 65 per cent of people have more confidence.

There are many other use cases of number masking.

  • Virtual numbers and number masking are used for advertising a company.
  • Call masking helps doctors and physicians be accessible to their patients at all times without jeopardising their safety and security.
  • Number masking is a solution that allows aggregators to track conversations.

Before we conclude

Maintaining privacy is not an easy task in the age of technology. That is why it is important to take proactive steps in this regard. It is equally important for your company to protect its consumers as well.

Number masking can provide both parties with temporary protection of their contact numbers. This is the path to building a trusting relationship with clients and creating brand loyalty that your business aspires for. Know more

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