Meaning and Occasion of Flowers

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April 26, 2020
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June 5, 2020

Meaning and Occasion of Flowers

Flowers are able to represent a variety of objects and emotions. They have symbolic meaning and can be used for a number of occasions. There is no bad time to give flowers, and different flowers represent different symbols and meanings. Here is a guide to the meaning of well-known wedding floral design ideas flowers and the times they are appropriate. Flowers are ideal for all occasions.

The Calla Lily Flower
Calla Lily is an icon of majesty and sophistication. A calla comes in a number of colours, each of which has its own meaning. The white of the calla lilies reflects purity and innocence.

They are often used in wedding bouquets, especially in bridal bouquets. Pink calla lilies symbolize elegance, respect and admiration. Purple is synonymous with royalty and stands for love and charm. They represent a rebirth and are used at funerals and flower arrangements. Coloured calla lilies are smaller than normal cala lilies and are called mini calla lilies.

The yellow calla lily has two meanings: on the one hand it can represent gratitude and joy, but on the other hand it can also represent deceit.

The Carnation Flower
Carnations, also known as Dianthus, are derived from the Greek words dio, which means Zeus, and anthos, which means herb. They are the kind of flowers that are used to decorate. The carnation is known as the divine flower.

Tradition has it that Mary’s carnation blossoms wear tears when Jesus carried the cross during his crucifixion. The clove blossom has different meanings depending on the colour. For women, a carnation means passion, confidence, grace, interest and discernment. Pink carnations reflect the love of mothers. Mother’s Day is a frequent occasion to give a pink carnation.

Carnations in bright red express admiration, while dark red carnations express deep love for the affection of women. Purple carnations symbolize unpredictability, while white carnations mean pure love and happiness. Green Carnations are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Striped carnations stand for denial and remorse, while yellow carnations can stand for rejection and disappointment.

The Daisy Flower

Another well-known flower is the daisy. A daisy is a flower that has an uplifting effect. It stands for purity, loyalty and a new beginning. Gerbera Daisies are a cheerful flower.

They are ideal for warming gifts. Gardenia is a flowering plant native to Australia. It is the perfect flower to offer the romantic in his life.

The Gardenia Flower
They should say “You are beautiful” and also represent the mysteries of love. Gardenias are flowers that radiate innocence and sweetness. They are also the most cheerful of all flowers.

The Lilac Flower

Lilac is a flower that grows in spring. The purple and white lilac provides color and gift.
They exude confidence and childlike innocence. Purple lilacs are associated with first love and are an ideal gift for a new or young relationship. The white lilac should reflect modesty. The flower of choice for their eighth wedding anniversary is lilac.

The Lily Flower

Lily – The lily stands for sophisticated beauty. White lilies are common in bridal bouquets as they reflect modesty and purity.

The yellow lilies symbolize happiness and the lilies of the valley symbolize sweetness. The orange stands for passion, i.e. Easter symbolizes the Virgin Mary and she gives Easter gifts.

The lily is a flower that grows in the tropics. The orchid is a unique flower with exotic charm and flair. It is a Chinese symbol for many children. An orchid can be any type of orchid.

The Orchid Flower

The orchid is associated with beauty, maturity, femininity and thoughtfulness. Pink orchids represent undivided love and can be given on the fourteenth wedding anniversary. Orchids last forever and make the perfect gift for any occasion. The orchid has a refined, delicate elegance.

The Rose Flower
Rose is a timeless and traditional flower that many people love. It is available in over 120 different varieties. Rose is a very beautiful tree that can be found everywhere.

One of the most famous symbols of love is the rose. The kind of love that a rose represents is determined by its color.

Red roses are known to be a sign of deep and passionate love. They are the perfect Valentine’s Day flower for couples in love.

They express desire, loyalty and admiration. White roses symbolize chastity, modesty and a new beginning. Yellow roses reflect love, care and happiness. Roses in red are darker than red roses because red means mourning.

Orange roses are synonymous with red roses when it comes to showing passion and romance. Orange roses are associated with fervour and vigour. Pink roses are used to express admiration and affection. There are emotional undertones in Platonic roses.
Green roses reflect harmony and fertility. Purple and lavender roses reflect love at first sight.

Dark purple roses are known for their royal essence. Blue roses express a wish that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Blue roses are easy to obtain, but rare and difficult to acquire.

They are ideal for those who are starting a new chapter in their lives. Black roses often symbolized the death or end of a relationship. They have a dark appearance and no feelings. They can be hard to find and hard to get.

The Sunflower

The third wedding flower is the sunflower. Sunflowers are a sign of worship and spiritual purity. They are connected with undivided devotion. Due to their optimistic personality, sunflowers are the perfect gift to brighten up a house or cheer up a friend. A sunflower is a kind of flower.

Sunflowers have also been dismissively associated with arrogance, such as “arrogance” (i.e.

The Tulip Flower

Tulips are one of the best known and most common spring flowers. Tulips are a flower that is grown in the Netherlands.

The tulip is synonymous with elegance and grace, but also with pure dedication. The tulip has long been associated with the Netherlands.

They can be used as a declaration of love. They can also represent celebrities and the color variations are used to derive additional meanings.

Yellow tulips are associated with love and red tulips with intense love. Pink tulips can be associated with compassion, purple tulips with royalty and other differences in flower color.

Tulips also reflect salvation, fidelity and health. Wisteria tulips symbolise steadfastness, while zinnia tulips symbolise friendship. White tulips stand for reconciliation, purple tulips for loyalty and yarrow tulips for well-being.

Convey the meaning of the occasion on which you send the flowers, e.g. To someone, to someone else, etc.

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