April 26, 2020

Flower Design – Five Elements of Design

Ensure that the finished product is suitable for the intended use, works as expected, provides added value and is of commercial quality. Artists, architects, craftsmen and philosophers formulate hypotheses that help them assess and analyze the quality of their work and history. Apparel, interior design, gardening, websites, cars, technology and other products will be analysed and evaluated on the basis of a number of theories and guidelines. Florists and designers […]
March 30, 2020

Fresh Flower Cake Decoration

If a celebration requires a cake, then in my opinion, it needs decoration too. Using fresh flowers to decorate a cake is one of my favourite ways of decorating a cake. It’s easy to combine your wedding theme with a bridal bouquet to create a unique masterpiece. By adding flowers, greenery and dried petals you can create a range of looks. When it comes to flowers, many people start with […]
February 10, 2020

A Guide to Wedding Photography for Brides

In order to offer personalized photography and videography, your photographer or videographer must understand your personality and desires for the relationship. It is best to create a mood board to help the design team get to know you better. Set Up A Mood Board: Mood boards can be created on a website or app similar to Pinterest, which allows you to save images you like and images you don’t have. […]
January 6, 2020
A Beautiful Smiling Woman Standing With A Flower Bouquet In A Florist Shop Which Representing Floral Design Industry.

Dynamic Floral Design Industry And The Impact Of GST

Recently the economic scene of India has changed drastically with the introduction of GST(Goods and Services Tax). The introduction of the GST has been fatal to many small scale industries. Some products and services have been given exemption under GST. The floral industry also comes under this category. The Far-Reaching Floral Design Industry “Splendid is the flower”-Lord Tennyson. Flowers are a big part of everybody’s life. From a string of […]