Everything You Need to Know About Floral Design Education and Career Pathways

Floriculture is the study of floral design, as well as horticultural techniques for plant growth and care
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July 9, 2021
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Everything You Need to Know About Floral Design Education and Career Pathways

A stunning bouquet by a florist

Who Is A Floral Designer/Florist?

Florists are a true artist who takes care of all the flowers for us. They can be found in shops or working on their own business, but they always take pride and joy in what they do! Floristry is more than just arranging flowers beautifully; it also involves cutting them, ensuring that everything looks fresh, and maintaining the greenery.

Education Requirements

Floral designers start their careers immediately following a high school degree and often intern at local floral shops. Some students seek post-secondary education in a trade or community college to be better prepared for the job market with an associate degree in floriculture.Floristry is a skill that can be discovered at a young age. Many CBSE schools in Chennai now identify children’s specific talents and help them achieve in these fields in addition to a rigorous academic curriculum.

A certificate in floral design is a great way to learn the basics of arranging and designing flowers. However, those looking for an additional degree in floriculture, horticulture can opt for degree courses that include botany, soil management, hydrology, chemistry, marketing and business management.

Information On Career Opportunities

Florists create floral arrangements for various occasions, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals. They work with live plants and artificial flowers to suit any occasion or customer’s needs; they incorporate decorations such as bows and ribbons that were necessary to embellish their creations even further. Aspiring florists need an innovative mindset to stand out from other designers while also possessing strong problem-solving skills that will help them deal with customers who have specific tastes in what they want on their big day!

Florists arranging flowers in their shop.

The Process Of Becoming A Florist

1.Obtaining a position in the retail floral industry

It can help aspiring florists become acquainted with different types of plants and design styles. They may receive on-the-job training from more experienced designers, learning to identify various flowers and core techniques for arranging them into beautiful arrangements.

Floral design is a creative, artistic profession that many find enjoyable and worthy. With the industry rapidly expanding, there are more opportunities for those interested in floral artistry than ever. Courses like retail floristry (an important aspect of the business), wedding design, green industries management principles, and marketing applications can help one become a successful florist.

2.Gain Experience and Consider Certification

The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) offers a certification exam that leads to the Certified Floral Designer designation. For this certificate, one must have three years of experience as a florist and be certified by their state’s florist association or have taken specific courses from AIFD educational partners.

3.Take Your Career To The Next Level

Career advancement opportunities in the retail floral industry are limited. With a combination of on-the-job training and formal education, one can become a supervisor or chief designer.


Floral designers are in high demand today, with the number of jobs expected to increase by 20% over the next decade. Florist shops need skilled floral artists who can create unique arrangements for their customers.

With a certificate or degree from an accredited program or just a high school degree from a good school in Chennai, you’ll be able to work independently as a successful florist. Continue reading

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