How Did Floral Fabrics Improved Textile Fashion?

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How Did Floral Fabrics Improved Textile Fashion?

An image of a Floral design in Textile

The Rise Of Floral Fashion

No one can really resist the charm of beautiful flowers. They are considered a symbol of beauty, and people, especially women, can get attracted by their very own presence. When you think of getting printed fabrics, it is quite common to go for floral patterns as it’s visually appealing and has been in the fashion industry for ages. Floral fashion has become so popular that nowadays, it is taught as a separate fashion design course in Chennai.

The floral fabric was originated initially in Asia, where flowers are a major part of the culture. In Japan, the most commonly used flower is the chrysanthemum. The flower’s slender petals spread were similar to the sun’s rays, and it enhanced the beauty of the fabric. In China, peonies were used in floral designs, representing the connection between honor and wealth. Another favorite flower in Chinese fashion is the lotus, which is the main symbol in Buddhism. Lotus has been used in many designs as the flower represents purity. In India, the most common flower used for making floral designs is the Indian Chintz, the production of which was a mystery to the British merchants. After the industrial revolution, floral fabrics in textile production had grown rapidly, making way to more and more floral designs, making the fashion industry more successful.

Role Of Flowers In The Fashion Industry

1. Designs
Floral designs have been an integral part of the textile and fashion industry for centuries now. Floral designs, both real and flower images, were used in clothing. Such floral dresses can be used any time and season as the flowers printed or embroidered onto the dress enhance style and grace.

2. Mimicking
We have seen many designs from the top fashion designers who the beautiful flowers have influenced by how they grow. Things around them always inspire fashion designers, and flowers are certainly one among them. The trumpet shape of lilies, or the shape of a rose, can inspire many fashion designers to develop unique floral design ideas.

An image representing a floral pattern for textiles3. Inspiration Of Colors
Plants and flowers make the world beautiful, and they are why we know about so many colors. Colors do inspire fashion designers; however, they also get inspired by the combination of different colors. Seeing floral colors encourages the freshers out of the fashion design college in Chennai, and they try to bring those colors in their style.

4. Presentation
It is not only the clothing that features plants and flowers, but also the presentation of the fabric. Many runways have been decorated with beautiful flowers to bring out the beauty of the clothes on display. Sometimes, designers use flowers that go well with the floral designs, and sometimes they opt for floral colors that contrast the designs.

5. Why Is Floral Fashion Still Trending?
Why is flower power so popular, and how can you include more florals into your wardrobe? Here are some reasons why you should go for more florals.

6. Versatility
Floral patterns are appropriate for many occasions. Floral outfits can be suitable for formal occasions and worn to a party or during weekend outings. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of bohemian fashion or any other fashion; there are many ways to incorporate floral designs into almost any style.

7. Printing Possibilities
Like any other print, florals can come in different patterns, shapes, and sizes. You can select from cherry blossom prints, dainty, or even bold peonies and sunflowers, all of which suit your moods and tastes.

8. Flowers Shows Our Love Of Nature
The main reason why floral designs are quite famous is that they are easily accessible. Most people would have at least one cloth with a floral design, which is why designers always find new ways to combine colors and nature. The floral designs are for nature lovers. Most of the people who opt for floral designs love to show their nature-loving attitude.

As long as there are beautiful flowers, designers will try to create new combinations inspired by nature. Floral designs have been with us for centuries now, and no matter what new fashion comes in, floral designs are here to rule the fashion and textile industry for many years. Read More

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