Long-Lasting Flowers to Brighten Any Space

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December 18, 2020
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January 11, 2021

Long-Lasting Flowers to Brighten Any Space

Beautiful flower arrangements at home are a good idea in spring. Flowers are used to decorate the living room, dining room, bedside table, etc. With so many different types of flowers to choose from wedding floral design ideas , it can be difficult to make the right final choice for your home.


Christina Stembel Farmgirl Flowers founder agrees and shares her list of the best durable flowers to help you find the perfect arrangement for your space. Buttercups are spring flowers that also bloom as herbs. During the spring season, it is easy to find long-lasting rooster feet.
They have the same number of petals and a soft texture as roses, but they last longer. They are young when they sprout, but when they ripen, their layered petals darken and the inner core gives beauty to space. Arrangements of Rooffoot can take up to a week. We have been fooled by some of our customers into thinking they are peonies, but we are not stopping this joke.

Cymbidium orchids

Farmer girls are particularly happy about Cymbidium orchids, which bloom in autumn and winter. They look fantastic in burdock-wrapped bouquets, and they look great on their own stems, Arranged in a simple vase, they are both sculptural and lush.
If taken care of properly, the orchids can last up to two weeks.

Protea flowers –

The algae genus is Protea. For Farmgirl Flowers, Proteas are a workhorse because they can be placed in front of bouquets to protect other stems from damage during distribution. According to Stembel, customers suggest that the protea is one of the last flowers to stand out in the vases after about a week. “We use them as shock absorbers in the front of our burdock-wrapped bouquet and in the back of the bouquet. Depending on the season, we love them to ourselves,” she says.

Calla lilies

If you like Calla lilies, this is an excellent choice. Calla lily is a species of lily that grows in the genus Calla. There are some delightful aspects of this flower.

This is an ideal choice for temporary water changes and stem pruning. They are available in a range of colours. They can be ignored or survive for a few weeks,


Carnations are a flower that is used at weddings. They are not the most common flower, but they are remarkable because they last long. Carnations, like calla lilies, tolerate a little abuse in the vase, Stembel says.
But it pays to be careful with flowers. If they are given time to bloom, she says, they will return to their roots, which they did not recognize from the poster flower children of 1984.
They can last up to a week with regular water changes. As the days go by, you gain height and appear wilder, she says.

Finged and DoubleTulips

Fringe tulips and double tulips are the favorites of farmers. Fringed tulips have frayed petals that give the bed a unique touch. Fringe tulips perform better than most tulips and can last up to a week with care.

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