July 2, 2018

Planning Your Wedding? Read On!

Being a Bride-To-Be is an enlightening experience. You get to learn quite many things that were hitherto unthought of. For instance, who would have thought that there were these many wedding themes out there? Or, that the wedding invitations had to match the wedding theme? Whether it is taste-testing the menu or hiring a photographer, florist or a makeup artist, there is always something that needs to be done a month before the wedding, a week before the wedding, on the day of the wedding and even after everyone else has packed up and gone home. Add in the number of people you will need to correspond with to get things done, the unexpected visits from family members, near and distant, and, of course, your own preparations and it really can turn into a full three-ringed circus! The Ultimate Saviour- Enter The Wedding Checklist! One of the privileges of being a top-class florist is that you get the first invites to every upcoming wedding! We at Estelle Preston, have been fortunate enough to supply our beautiful creations to some of the best weddings held, and this has often given us a unique vantage point- We get to see almost all […]
May 16, 2018
wedding organisers in Chennai

A Wedding Organiser’s Standpoint On Wedding Planning

In cities like Chennai, where there are more pre and post wedding ceremonies, you will find some of the best wedding organisers in Chennai carrying out an entire wedding week in super style. How They Do It? They are very meticulous in their planning and carry out their plans in organised fashion. They first get to know what you want, your budget, your style of wedding, what pre and post wedding ceremonies is part of your plan/culture/tradition, etc. Based on these inputs they go about their work. 1. They come out with the list of things they have planned for you with details of the services they will be hiring and the cost of those services. 2. They get in touch with the bride and bridegroom and get to know how they want to be seen in the wedding attire (some organisers can also get you the best designers) 3. The stage and interior decoration will be one of the main things that will be decided upfront based on the place where the wedding will be conducted 4. Caterers, photographers, floral arrangements, return gifts if any, vehicle pooling, stay arrangements, etc will come next 5. Some services also offer playing […]
April 30, 2018

The Importance Of Flowers In Indian Weddings

There is a saying that along with the bride and groom, flowers are also equally famous in Indian weddings. The aura and charm of flowers brighten up the spirits of the people and improvise their mood. Without flower decorations, the Indian weddings are practically incomplete. Flower decorations in weddings are as important as Diamond Rings to the bride. Flowers fetch a lot of health benefits too and to ascertain their importance; the site Consult experienced event planners and florists to finalize the best flower theme for your wedding. Contemporary, modern and traditional styles are available, and you might go for a replica of the theme used by celebrities too. Proper preparation and coordination are required to make the wedding event a grand success. Make sure you give enough time and explore various options before you finalize a theme. Choose the theme based on your interest and budget. Wedding decoration is the deciding factor that creates an impression on the guests and spectators. Make sure that you book your decorators and flowers well in advance to avoid tension at the last moment. Once the venue is finalized, choose the theme, and the decoration must match it perfectly. Flawless decoration impacts […]
March 29, 2018

Floral Theme Designs In Indian Weddings

Either it is festivals or weddings or any other functions in India, flowers play a significant role in all of them. Women adorn flowers in their hair too as it is in the Indian tradition. Deities of the Gods and temples are also decorated with flowers to bring in an aesthetic sense and the feeling of devotion and respect. Almost all the weddings in India are based on flower themes. Flowers bring in happiness and joy. Flower and interior decorators, caterers, event planners and Bridal Makeup Artists play the vital role in making the event of the wedding a grand success. Flowers and plants are known to stimulate the brain and increase the productivity of the working people. gives an insight as to how flowers can even influence the thought process of people. Based on the type of wedding, the venue, and space, the florists or wedding decorators choose the perfect flower decoration theme. Make sure you hire the right people with good experience to have a value for your time and money. The event planners will show you the designs and themes beforehand. Based on your taste and budget, you can choose the theme. Fresh flowers are the […]