Estelle Preston Team

July 9, 2021
Floriculture is the study of floral design, as well as horticultural techniques for plant growth and care

Career Opportunities In Floristry And Floriculture

Floriculture:Definition Floriculture is the study of floral design, as well as horticultural techniques for plant growth and care. The trade can be difficult to enter due to the extensive knowledge required about the various types of flowers and how they grow in relation to one another. What are Floriculturists? Floriculturists are experts on everything related to flowers – from farm cultivation methods all the way up through designing arrangements that […]
May 14, 2021

Impact of COVID-19 on the floriculture sector

COVID-19 impacts the floral industry We have decided that now is the time to speak out, as we and our company are operating in a grey area, as the COVID 19 directives require our company to act responsibly and challenge our interpretation of what is right. Little is known about the flower industry for wedding floral designs ideas and how much work goes into the flowers on the kitchen or […]
May 6, 2021

Factors Changing the Floral Industry

We are assisting in the transformation of the flower industry. Florists are people who make flowers “As fees increase and flower purchasing tastes change, our goal is to assist local florists in meeting the people who buy flowers on a regular basis in an inexpensive and straightforward manner by placing orders online. We collaborate with local florists to produce one-of-a-kind arrangements using wedding floral design ideas at a price that […]
April 27, 2021

It’s about the future of floristry, for the future of the florist

These companies want to help florists and florists thrive. Focus on product selection, floral art, corporate hygiene, digitalization and sustainability. This will help to strengthen and secure the future of the florist business with new floral design ideas. The Bunk Bed: Screaming alone will not solve the problem. If you familiarise yourself with the bottlenecks, you will be able to find better solutions. In today’s ever-changing world, you need to […]