Floral Theme Designs In Indian Weddings

Benefits Of Having Flowers At The Workplace
March 26, 2018
The Importance Of Flowers In Indian Weddings
April 30, 2018

Floral Theme Designs In Indian Weddings


Either it is festivals or weddings or any other functions in India, flowers play a significant role in all of them. Women adorn flowers in their hair too as it is in the Indian tradition. Deities of the Gods and temples are also decorated with flowers to bring in an aesthetic sense and the feeling of devotion and respect. Almost all the weddings in India are based on flower themes. Flowers bring in happiness and joy. Flower and interior decorators, caterers, event planners and Bridal Makeup Artists play the vital role in making the event of the wedding a grand success. Flowers and plants are known to stimulate the brain and increase the productivity of the working people. https://www.greatergrassmarket.co.uk/blog/2017/06/the-hidden-benefits-of-flowers-for-our-mental-health gives an insight as to how flowers can even influence the thought process of people.

Based on the type of wedding, the venue, and space, the florists or wedding decorators choose the perfect flower decoration theme. Make sure you hire the right people with good experience to have a value for your time and money. The event planners will show you the designs and themes beforehand. Based on your taste and budget, you can choose the theme. Fresh flowers are the best to make the place look lively and beautiful.

Let us see some styles of decorations using flowers in Indian weddings:

Carnations: Carnations in the entrances liven up the venue and add a touch of romance. Carnations are made using international flowers. We have a wide range of options like Amaranthus, amaryllis, bells of Ireland, calla, coxcomb, delphinium, gardenia, gerbera, hyacinth, iris, orchid, peony, quince, solidaster, tulip, viburnum, waxflower, etc.

Mandap decor: We know that the main mandap is the place where all the ceremonies occur in the wedding venue. The mandap should look the grandest as most of the photos and videos will be having the decoration. Indian weddings give importance to traditional Indian flowers like frangipanis, Buteamonosperma, ascocenda princess misaka, Ganges primrose, lotus, jasmine, hibiscus, sunflowers, fox brush orchid and jungle germanium, Delonixregia, hemerocallis, tiger lily, marigold, rose, dahlia,etc. Rajanigandha flowers bring the royal look to the mandap. These flowers were used in the decoration since ancient times.

Marigold: Marigold flowers bring the ultimate charm to the mandap. These flowers are bright and long last. These flowers are available in yellow, white and orange colors. They are less expensive as well. Marigold can be used as a combination with other flowers too. Skilled florists can bring out the eloquence in the flower patterns made of marigold.

Rajanigandha flowers: The tips of marigold can be combined with rajanigandha latkans for a different look of the mandap. Their presence is sure to scintillate the spectators. Rajanigandha flowers along with marigold tips is also a good option available for mandaps and entrances.

The affluent classes and celebrities prefer Maharaja styled themes. Huge floral elephants can be placed at the doors and entrances to give the venue a luxurious vibe. Roses and chrysanthemums have a lesser lifetime but provide immaculate beauty when they are fresh.

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