The Importance Of Flowers In Indian Weddings

Floral Theme Designs In Indian Weddings
March 29, 2018
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May 3, 2018

The Importance Of Flowers In Indian Weddings

There is a saying that along with the bride and groom, flowers are also equally famous in Indian weddings. The aura and charm of flowers brighten up the spirits of the people and improvise their mood. Without flower decorations, the Indian weddings are practically incomplete. Flower decorations in weddings are as important as Diamond Rings to the bride. Flowers fetch a lot of health benefits too and to ascertain their importance; the site

Consult experienced event planners and florists to finalize the best flower theme for your wedding. Contemporary, modern and traditional styles are available, and you might go for a replica of the theme used by celebrities too. Proper preparation and coordination are required to make the wedding event a grand success. Make sure you give enough time and explore various options before you finalize a theme. Choose the theme based on your interest and budget. Wedding decoration is the deciding factor that creates an impression on the guests and spectators. Make sure that you book your decorators and flowers well in advance to avoid tension at the last moment.

Once the venue is finalized, choose the theme, and the decoration must match it perfectly. Flawless decoration impacts the decor and tone of the event. Don’t go overboard with the decoration. Keep it simple yet grand. For the right theme, selecting the bright color is the deciding factor. The couple and family members must visit the venue in advance and must have a look at the premises before making the final decision. Decide whether you want a grand, formal, informal, simple, basic, modern or traditional look. Based on that, explain your ideas to the wedding planners or choose from the designs that they suggest.

Choose the shades and palettes based on the dresses and attires too. If the colors of the apparels contrast with the hues of the decoration, the whole look will be spoilt. Draperies, carpets,and flowers go hand in hand and will enhance the look. The colored theme must be in perfect coordination with them. Flowers like yellow marigolds, red roses, lilies, jasmines,and orchids bring glamor to any theme. You can go for a setting with Indian or exotic flowers. Mixing them both without preliminary knowledge will spell disaster. The theme will depend on the type of wedding too. Hindu marriages make use of traditional Indian flowers and Christian weddings go for exotic flowers. Make sure that the flowers are fresh and full of life. No one wants rotting and wilting flowers. Drooping flowers will reduce the energy of people as well. You can choose unique themes at the doorsteps and entrances too.

The various styles of flower decorations in Indian weddings are:

  • Traditional
  • Western
  • Oriental
  • Modern
  • Underneath these categories, we have bouquets, table centerpieces, baskets, wreaths,and garlands.

We also have the elliptical, vertical, triangular, crescent, oval, circular and cascade flower arrangements. The Japanese Ikebana style is gaining popularity these days as the flower arrangement is unique.

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