Top Flowers For Weddings

The Importance Of Flowers In Indian Weddings
April 30, 2018
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May 16, 2018

Top Flowers For Weddings

Indian weddings are exuberant and are filled with an atmosphere of lavishness and grace. Decoration plays a vital role in the weddings and flowers are the main center of attractions during the weddings. Want your wedding venue to be unique and out of the world? Then, just check for fascinating and mind-blowing flower themes for all kinds of weddings.

Top 10 Flowers commonly used by Floral Designers in India

These flowers are large and fragrant. They are white. Tuberoses are the symbols of pleasure.

The flowers bred in fields spread a lot of pollen. There are sunflowers bred especially for decoration purposes. These kinds of sunflowers have sturdy stalks that can be held up well during flower arrangements. Sunflowers spread cheer and are very vibrant. These large flowers bring a posh look to the venue and mandap. Sunflowers are ideal for wedding decorations.]

Indian Flowers with Fragrance

Roses do not come under the category of traditional Indian flowers but are used extensively used for decoration purpose. They are mostly used for weddings abroad. Marigolds and jasmines, when combined with roses, bring a royal look to the wedding venue.

Pink, white and purple orchids are often used for decoration purposes. Purple and white orchids are used for Indian weddings. Orchids woven into chains bring about an exotic look. These flowers are a bit costly when compared to the others and should be ordered in advance to avoid last moment confusion.

Preserve the Freshness of the Flowers

Exquisite Floral Designs for a Wedding Event using Seasonal Flowers

Either small marigolds or large French marigolds can be used for decoration purpose. We have yellow, orange and multi-colored marigolds that can be used in various combinations. The problem with marigolds is that their scent. Their pungent and peppery smell repels many people and attracts some kinds of insects. Marigolds can be placed at the entrances and doorsteps rather than in the bouquets or on the dining tables.

Jasmines have a healthy and sweet fragrance. Jasmines are used in the hair decoration purposes too. Garlands of jasmine are used by brides to decorate their hair. They can be used for decoration purposes also. The small and white jasmines are known to bring good luck and prosperity.

Decorate with Seasonal Flowers

They can be used at the centerpieces as they are large. They are available in blue, purple, green and white colors.Indian Bride holding a beautiful flower bouquet at her wedding organized by Wedding Event Management Company Kiyoh

Gerbera Daisies
These daisies are the symbols of love and innocence. They are available in various colors and retain their freshness even after several days. These flowers are beautiful, bright, sturdy and spread cheer and joy.

These flowers are bright and come in various colors. These flowers impact thoughtfulness of the people and bring about a feeling of peace. They have a light fragrance and are inexpensive and long-lasting.

This flower was used extensively in foreign and is now preferred in India too. These flowers come in Patel shades and are warm and welcoming. The modern Wedding Event Planners are fascinated by these flowers and are using them a lot these days in decorations for various events.

These flowers are most commonly used for decoration purposes. They are used in bouquets and garlands as well. These flowers are known to be the symbols of long life, happiness, fortune, joy,and optimism.

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