Planning Your Wedding? Read On!

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A Wedding Organiser’s Standpoint On Wedding Planning
May 16, 2018
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January 2, 2019

Planning Your Wedding? Read On!

Being a Bride-To-Be is an enlightening experience. You get to learn quite many things that were hitherto unthought of. For instance, who would have thought that there were these many wedding themes out there? Or, that the wedding invitations had to match the wedding theme? Whether it is taste-testing the menu or hiring a photographer, florist or a makeup artist, there is always something that needs to be done a month before the wedding, a week before the wedding, on the day of the wedding and even after everyone else has packed up and gone home. Add in the number of people you will need to correspond with to get things done, the unexpected visits from family members, near and distant, and, of course, your own preparations and it really can turn into a full three-ringed circus!

The Ultimate Saviour- Enter The Wedding Checklist!

One of the privileges of being a top-class florist is that you get the first invites to every upcoming wedding! We at Estelle Preston, have been fortunate enough to supply our beautiful creations to some of the best weddings held, and this has often given us a unique vantage point- We get to see almost all of the behind-the-scenes action at weddings!

Trust us when we say that there is nothing more miserable than having a wedding fall flat of expectations. Several times we have seen brides and grooms, along with their family, get all worked-up because a critical element of their wedding was missing. The fact that all this heartache could have been avoided by using a time-tested technique, is what really propelled us to pen this today.

Having a Wedding Checklist with a dedicated time line for each task is the only way to save your day. The Wedding Checklist is not merely a checklist – it is a timeline of things that need to be done or procured during certain periods of the planning process so that everything comes together on the day of the wedding. Such a comprehensive checklist requires a lot of time to prepare, and an even greater level of thought.

This is why we saved you a bit of both! Given below is a checklist we have compiled to help kickstart your wedding day preparations.

Check out the stuff you need to get done, while you wait for the Big Day!
For the sake of convenience, we have split up the wedding preparation period into 3 broad categories.

1: The Ring’s Been Slipped On
Typically, this is right after the engagement party, or after the date for the wedding ceremony has been fixed, and extends till about a couple of months before the wedding. Before any of the below activities can be performed, you will need to clear the hurdle of deciding upon a budget.

  • Visit potential venues for the wedding, and book according to your preference.
  • Make a list of potential wedding services that you will require- caterers, invitation designers and printers, photographers, florists, decor, musicians, beauticians, etc.
  • Decide on the type of entertainment you would like to provide for the guests
  • Book an experienced photographer/videographer
  • Start looking for the perfect wedding dress. Go for famous labels like The Fair Lady Designer from Diadem Wedding Gowns, Chennai , Joy Mitra from Studio Saks and so on.
  • Prepare a guest list
  • Deliberate the central theme of the wedding
  • Decide upon the menu

2: The Wedding’s Around The Corner!
There’s roughly at least a couple of months before the wedding at this stage, so it’s time to put plans into action!

  • Hire caterers experienced in creating the dishes on your menu
  • Hire decorators and florists who can go according to the theme you have chosen
  • Hire the musicians, if you plan on opting for live entertainment
  • Send out the invitations, and make personal visits to invite close relatives
  • Book accommodation for out-of-town guests
  • Buy the wedding ensemble, which includes the wedding dress and jewellery
  • Book the priest or the officiator of the ceremony
  • Plan for the Honeymoon

3: W-Day Is Here, Almost!
There’s almost a couple of weeks to the wedding, and now it’s time for some real pampering!

  • Give the caterer the final count of the guests
  • Confirm the bookings of the florists, the photographers, and every other service you have hired
  • Spend some time with close friends and family
  • Opt for a small Dress-rehearsal, to foresee possible problems during the ceremony
  • Get Glowing! Get skilled beauty-experts, like the bridal makeup artist from Skulpt Makeup Bar, Chennai, to work their magic on you!

Ask Pertinent Questions Like, “Have You Done The Bridal Makeup Course?”

Never take stuff, no matter how trivial they may seem, for granted. You are entitled to ask for credentials from all those you have hired, be it the experience of the caterer, the portfolio of the photographer/videographer, or even the certificate that proves the skillset of the make-up artist. All of these are vital to ensure that there are no hiccups on the day of the ceremony.

Remember, this checklist is just a base on which you will need to build upon. Each wedding is unique, and thus, the requirements will vary. Twist and tweak the wedding checklist above, such that it matches your requirement!

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    Lovely Post!!The wedding checklist was so clear and clean.Of course, makeup plays an important role during a wedding.I think Skulpt Makeup Bar is the best option for choosing for bridal makeup.

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